Conceived by LPs for LPs

Built specifically to manage limited partnerships, funds of funds, and co-investment funds.

Easy to Use

Once the server is configured, simply point a browser to it, log in, and start slicing and dicing.

Beautiful Reports

With advanced data analysis and clean visual formats, the reports are beautiful beyond words.

Drill Down to the Underlying Companies

Want to know the highest valued companies held by the funds? A couple of clicks and voila! It's all there in a detailed report.

Get a Head Start on Analysis

Need market values, IRRs and other measures even before quarterly GP statements arrive?

Powerful What-If Analysis

What if we held only European funds, invested only in these GPs, or held only mega-buyout funds?

The Virtual Fund feature makes it a snap to answer these and other tough questions.

Manage Relationships, Not Just Contacts

Need a GP's history going back 20 years, with details of their deals, firms, board history, and more?

Security with Convenience

Set flexible access rights for different users. Use Audit Trail to check exactly who did what.

Simple Licensing

Affordable and uncomplicated one-time license fee fits all LPs.