Invient offers outsourced services and software products for private equity LPs, advisors, and service providers who are looking to improve the quality of investment decisions and reduce back-office costs.

Since 1998, Invient services and software have been used to manage hundreds of LP investments valued at tens of billions of dollars.

Invient Data Monitoring, an outsourced service, frees up in-house LP staff from the recurring burden of tracking details about the funds they invest in and the underlying companies held by those funds.

Invient Funds, a software package, allows LPs to track investments, study trends, perform what-ifs, and create in-depth reports with ease.

Invient also builds custom software applications for LPs and others who serve LPs, such as custodians, trustees, and advisors.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley as a division of Global Automation, Inc., Invient has about 50 employees across North America and Asia.