Invient Data Monitoring

Reduces back-office costs and eases staffing concerns.

Invient Data Monitoring is an outsourced service that frees up private equity LPs from the recurring burden of collecting and recording details about the funds they invest in.

When you outsource to us, we extract details from GP quarterly reports, daily transactions, and our own research channels. We then record them in the database system of your choice*.

Our analysts work from our office and remotely enter data into computers located in your office, allowing you to have total control of the database.

We are accurate, responsive, and cost effective. Our clients typically experience a 75% drop in their data-monitoring costs by outsourcing to us. They also eliminate the staffing issues created by fluctuating workloads.

* If you don't have an existing database system or would like a better one, we provide Invient Funds software, at no additional cost.